Slimming World

10 Treats under 5 Syns!

When you’re on Slimming World, syns are there to be enjoyed and I’m a big believer in using your recommended 5-15 a day. I’ve rounded up ten of my favourite treats, all of which come in at 5 syns or less.


  • Low-Cal Jelly Pots [Half a Syn]

Simple, tasty, convenient and only HALF A SYN…! These jelly pots come in a few different flavours and you can enjoy them on their own or with some fresh fruit (bonus points if it’s speed). For a more indulgent treat, add some squirty cream…it’s worth the extra syns!

  • Flumps [2 Syns]

Sweet and squidgy goodness! These are a great little pick-me-up when you need something quick and fuss-free.

  • Pink and Whites [2.5 syns]

One of my favourites! I love one (or two) of these with a cup of tea.

  • Hi-Fi Bars [3 syns]

Only available at group, you can have two of these for a Healthy Extra B or count 3 syns per bar.

  • Hula Hoops Puft [3.5 syns]

Light and crunchy and ideal for those in the mood for something salty rather than sweet.

  • Fibre One [4 syns]

Currently available in lemon, chocolate, salted caramel and cinnamon; these are small but so tasty!

  • Nature Valley Popcorn Bars [4 – 4.5 syns]

Delicious and a decent size, these bars make a perfect on-the-go treat. The Salted Caramel, Almond & Pretzel and the Cranberry & Yogurt flavours are 4 syns each while the Peanut & Sunflower Seed variety comes in at 4.5.

  • Milky Bar Mousse [4.5 syns]

Gorgeous when it’s chilled but it’s even better when frozen!

  • Yellow Snacks [5 syns]

Two shortcake biscuits covered in Cadbury milk chocolate…what’s not to love!

  • Freddo Bars [5 syns]

A perfect classic solid hit of chocolate!


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