Slimming World

You know you’re on Slimming World when…

  • Terms like syns, speed and hex a/b are all part of your everyday vocabulary now.

This can be my hex a and I’ll just syn the rest, be grand. 

  • You’re delighted when it’s evening time and you realise you haven’t used a healthy extra yet… 

Cheese or a milky latte? Baked oats or bread? Decisions, decisions!

  • But your heart breaks a little when you realise you’ve had all your syns for the day.

Nothing worse than sneaky syns creeping up on you #sadface

  • You always try your best to fit in your one third speed.

Spinach can go with anything.

  • Your cupboard is stocked with every variety of Frylight and a multitude of spices…

Totally necessary

  • And your fridge looks like it’s sponsored by Muller Light

So many free flavours!

  • You get excited when your consultant tells you that a new flavour of Hi-Fi bars is on the way.

Can Fruit and Nut just arrive already?

  • Quark actually starts to taste alright. 

Except for in lasagne…quark will never belong in lasagne.

  • You’re always on the prowl for the latest low-syn snacks…

That syn bin won’t stock itself!

  • And you’re quick to measure different treats against each other. 

12 syns for that teeny sliver of cake? I could have two Curly Wurlys for that!

  • Receiving a shiny new sticker makes you nearly burst with pride. 

Yas, I earned you, get on my book. 

  • You have no idea why you didn’t join sooner. 

You can lose weight while still eating chips and chocolate, what’s not to love!


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