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17 Low Syn Treats (Part 3!)

It’s been way too long since I last posted! To give a quick update…I reached target on June 1st, became a little complacent over the summer and ended up putting on half a stone. So I’m back attending group on a weekly basis and I have set a new target: to lose that half stone that reappeared and to lose another half stone on top of that too. While I was delighted to reach my initial target, I was still carrying a little extra weight around my middle so I think my new target might suit me better. It’s still a healthy weight for my height and now that I have a new goal to focus on, I’m feeling really motivated!

I’m back in the routine now of filling up on free foods and speed, measuring my Healthy Extras and figuring out what to spend those all-important syns on! I’ve previously shared my favourite low syn treats here (and here) so wanted to share an updated version of my current favourites.

I think it’s important to remember that syns are meant to be enjoyed. If I’m really hungry when I’m about to syn, I always try to have some free food as well like yogurt or fresh fruit to prevent me from being tempted to go over my daily syn allowance.

Finally, just to note that all syn values were correct when I published this post but may be subject to change so always check the app to protect your weight loss!

Kit Kat – 5.5 syns (2 finger bar)

A classic treat that always goes well with a cup of tea — I love all the different flavours, toffee is my personal favourite!

Milky Bar – 7 syns (25g bar)

I’m a total chocoholic and although milk would always be my first choice, I love the white and dark stuff too! And as far as white chocolate goes, it’s hard to beat a Milkybar!

Hula Hoops Puft – 3.5 syns (15g)

As if you couldn’t have guessed, I definitely have more of a sweet tooth than savoury. But when I’m craving something different, I really like these salty and crunchy crisps.

Maryland Cookie Thins – 2 syns each

I always crave biscuits around this time of year — must be something to do with the evenings getting darker and colder! These are lovely and crispy and perfectly dunkable.

McVitie’s Digestive Thins – 1.5 syns each

More biscuits! I love this Milk Chocolate variety but I’m slightly obsessed with the Cappuccino Thins…coffee-flavoured biscuits is kind of a genius idea!

Drumstick Squashies – 2.5 syns (14g)

These squidgy milk-and-raspberry flavoured sweeties are perfect for any sweet tooth! One pack is never enough though so it’s great that they’re so low in syns!

Millions – 3 syns (per teeny pack)

I had to pop these in to the Syn Calculator on the Slimming World website as they’re not on the app and they worked out at 3 syns. They have a terrifyingly long list of ingredients but the packs are so tiny and delicious…

Solo Watermelon Juice Lollies – 3 syns each

Not only are these really tasty and incredibly low in syns, they’re also super cute! Each lolly looks like a wedge of watermelon — there are even little chocolate chips for the seeds!

Fab Birthday Cake Ice Lollies – 3.5 syns each

Light and refreshing and a perfect palate cleanser after a heavy meal.

Mars Ice-Cream – 7 syns (51ml multi-pack bar)

Literally one of my favourite ice-creams ever! Anything with caramel is always good with me!

Dairy Milk Little Bar – 5 syns (18g)

You just can’t go wrong with Dairy Milk chocolate, can you?

Milky Bar Buttons – 5.5 syns (20g)

More white chocolate goodness but in button form.

Kit Kat Peanut Butter Bites – 1.5 syns each

Peanut butter and chocolate has to be one of the best combinations of all time — these “bites” are a decent size for their syn value! If you’re not a peanut butter fan (?!), there’s a Milk Chocolate version of these too with the same syn value.

Green & Black’s Mini Bars – 4 syns (15g bar)

A bit pricey for the pack but lovely if you want to indulge just a little!

Mini Vienna – 3 Syns each

It’s the classic Viennetta ice-cream on a stick! They’re tiny but so tasty!

Kinder Choco Bons – 1.5 syns each

I was so skeptical about these. I had seen other Slimming Worlders rave about them on Instagram but when I bought myself a pack, I doubted that these tiny little chocolates could be worth 1.5 syns. I only had to try one to be convinced!

Nutella B-ready – 5.5 syns each

Classic Nutella encased in a light crispy wafer…it’s as delicious as it sounds! Plus you can have two and still have syns left over…what’s not to love about that!


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