Chocolate Pinata Birthday Cake!

We celebrated my brother’s 21st earlier this month. I decided to make a chocolate fudge cake covered in chocolate fudge frosting, topped with confetti sprinkles…with a surprise in the centre too, for good measure!

  • To start, make 4 sponge cakes and cut out the centre of 2, using a scone cutter.

  • To assemble the cake, you simply layer the sponges (adding a little bit of frosting along the way!) so that the 2 sponges with the holes are in the middle.

  • Once you have the third layer on, fill the centre with the sweets of your choice! I used Crispy M&Ms because of their light texture and fun bright colours.

  • Pop on the fourth and final sponge and cover the lot with plenty of frosting.

  • Finish it off with the topping of your choice — I’m obsessed with these vibrant confetti sprinkles!

  • Enjoy!


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