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7 Simple Changes I made for Slimming World

When people find out that I’m on Slimming World, they often ask “so what do you eat?” I don’t think half of them believe me when I tell them it’s pretty much whatever I want!

On a typical weekday, I’d usually have toast or granola or/and yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast. Lunch would be a homemade sandwich or salad and then I’d make something like spag bol or chicken curry for dinner. When I have more time at the weekend, I’ll experiment with different recipes. Like everyone else on Slimming World, I (at least try to!) have three satisfying meals a day…plus snacks! For the most part, it’s really all about making simple changes.

It’s been a while since I last posted a Slimming World update but it’s going as well as ever. I’m down three stone, thirteen pounds and I have just one and a half pounds to go until I reach the target weight I set back in August! Joining Slimming World is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. For anyone who is following the plan; I thought it might be useful to share the changes I’ve made that have helped me on my way:

  • I increased my intake of fresh fruit and veg

No surprise there! Any decent weight loss plan will tell you do this. On Slimming World, members are encouraged to include one third speed on the plate. Certain fruit and veg are considered “speed” in that they will help speed up your weight loss. In the SW member’s book, speed food is clearly marked with an “s” symbol. I usually get in my speed by having fresh fruit in the morning and then including salad or veg at lunch and dinner. If I’m really being good, I’ll snack on something speedy in the evening too

  • I learned how to make my own sauces

I’ve realised I need to pick up onions, garlic and tinned tomatoes with nearly every food shop…and I’ve built up an impressive collection of spices, dried herbs and stock pots too! Half the time I don’t even follow a recipe, I just throw things in and hope for the best — and usually it turns out pretty okay!

  • I switched regular oil for Fry Light

For me, this was the easiest swap to make. Fry Light contains just one calorie per spray.

  • I gave up fancy coffee shop drinks

Peppermint mocha frappuchinos are a thing of the past for me now! I used to have such a weakness for all the different elaborate concoctions you could get in Costa or Starbucks but with the syrup and cream that they contain, they’re just not very SW-friendly. Of course if I really wanted to have one and still stay on plan, I could just use my Syns but I don’t like to drink my Syns (unless it’s alcohol!). Nowadays if I need a caffeine fix, I opt for an Americano every time.

  • I started sticking to lean meat

For me, this literally just means checking out the percentage of fat in the beef mince that I buy and making sure it’s the SW recommended 5% fat or less. Other than that, I haven’t had to make any other changes — I’ve always removed the skin and visible fat from meat because I’ve never liked it anyway!

  • I stopped buying share size

Over the years, I got in to the habit of buying the share size of my favourite snacks. It was always better value so it just seemed like the obvious choice. Of course though, that led to portion control problems…! It got to the stage where I could easily polish off a family-size bag of crisps or slab of chocolate by myself in one evening. Before I knew it, this had become a habit. These days, I’m more aware than ever of what I’m eating and I know how to use my Syns to my advantage!

  • I gave up takeaways for fakeaways

I’m honestly still amazed by what you can actually eat on SW. Whether you’re craving a burger or pizza, Indian or Chinese; you can basically guarantee that there’s a recipe for a Slimming World version out there!


14 thoughts on “7 Simple Changes I made for Slimming World

  1. These are such simple changes and yet I know they’re bound to make a difference. Thanks for sharing, you’ve prompted me to think about some of the little ways I can make more of a difference in my healthy eating. Switching my oils and not buying the share size seem like a good place to start. Great post. x


  2. Hi Sinead, I’m Angela, an American who just found out about SW. I found your blog while searching online for SW info and blogs. I’m thinking about joining soon! I look forward to following your journey!


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