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Another 17 Low Syn Treats

Since starting Slimming World last summer, I have always tried to food optimise as much as I can. This means filling up on lots of free food, fitting in one third of speed where possible, having my healthy extras…and enjoying 5-15 syns every day!

I shared 17 great low syn treats back in December and I thought it was about time I share some new favourites that I’ve since discovered.

Please bear in mind that all Syn values were correct when I published this post but may be subject to change — always check the app to protect your weight loss!

Propercorn – 3 syns (14g bag)

Propercorn comes in some gorgeous different flavours (including sweet and salty, vanilla and coconut, peanut and almond…) and a few different sizes. These 14g bags are sold in packs of 6 and for just 3 syns, you can’t go wrong! I find that the big 90g bags are the easiest to come by and you could get easily get 3-4 decent servings from them.

Oreo Thins – 1.5 syns each

People tend to be divided on these. These biscuits are as thin as their name suggests so some might feel a bit cheated but I love them! To me, 4 of these are worth 6 syns. There’s 16 in a box and two packs of 8 within each box so you could have half the pack for 12 syns…not too bad if you love your Oreos!

Muller Light Goodies – 2.5 syns

I wasn’t sure about these – I kind of felt like, well I can have a Muller Light on its own for free so why waste 2.5 syns?! But they’re actually lovely and that bit more indulgent — a perfect light dessert for after dinner!

Freddo Bars – 5 syns

Freddo has lots of SW fans! If you just want a solid little hit of chocolate, this is a pretty decent choice.

Ambrosia Mini Custard – 2.5 syns (per mini pot)

I love traditional creamy custard and these are so yummy — and obviously great for portion control!

Ambrosia Mini Rice – 3 syns (per mini pot)

Another tasty traditional pud, I love a couple of these with sliced banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Cadbury Mini Biscuits (Cookies – 6 syns / Animals – 5.5. syns / Fingers 5.5. syns)

I love a bit of variety and anything with chocolate always works for me! These are gorgeous with a cup of tea (with some hex a milk, of course!).

Laughing Cow Dip and Crunch Light – 4 syns

If you want a snack but not in the mood for something sweet, this creamy cheese and breadsticks combo could be just what you need!

Solero Exotic – 5 Syns

Vanilla ice-cream with a fruity sorbet coating…so refreshing!

Snack Bars – 5 syns

I’m addicted to these little bars — biscuit and chocolate all in one go! The little pink bars are also 5 syns and equally yum.

Rowntrees Mini Randoms – 2.5 syns

These are so cute and tasty! Alternatively you could make super low syn SW jellies at home with jelly crystals, gelatine and Muller Light (1.5 syns for a ton of them!).

Snack a Jacks – 5 syns

Lots of snacking to be had here! These are sweet and crunchy and pretty satisfying.

Milky Bar Mousse – 4.5 syns

A lovely light and creamy dessert option…made even better when you throw it in the freezer for a couple of hours!

Matchmakers – 1 syn per stick

The only problem with these is that there’s not much in them and they’re very moreish! If I’m having these, I make sure to fit in some speed fruit first to stop me polishing off the box!

Chewits – 5.5 syns

Before SW, I hadn’t had these in years — such a great fix for a sweet tooth!

Fibre One Squares – 4 syns

A lot of people seem to have trouble getting their hands on these but I found them easily enough in my local Tesco’s. They’re small but tasty and are particularly good when they’re warmed up with some custard (like the mini pots mentioned above!).

Coco Pops Choco Bake Bars – 5.5 syns

Similar to a fudgy brownie but much lighter in syns! Not as cakey as the Fibre One squares but still pretty delicious all the same!


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