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17 Low-Syn Treats

Every Slimming World member knows to be smart about using syns when we’re food optimising. Typically, we’re allowed 5-15 syns a day. As with meals, I think variety is important so you don’t get bored of having the same thing. There are so many great options out there so I’ve decided to share 17 of my favourite treats and snacks to use my syns on.



Mini Oreos – 6 syns 

How cute are these?! They’re teeny tiny but you get around 8 in a pack. 2 regular Oreos work out at 5 Syns so these packs feel like better value, syn-wise!


Pink and Whites – 2.5 syns each

Before Slimming World, I hadn’t had these wafer-and-mallow sandwiches in years! They’re so yum though and if you really like them, you could have the entire pack of six for a day’s worth of syns (I’ve never done this but it’s tempting!).


Highlights Hot Chocolate – 2 syns

These sachets are so handy to have at home or on the go — just add hot water for a lovely comforting drink. If you’re in the mood to indulge, you could also have it with mini marshmallows (4 syns for 25g) and squirty cream (half a syn for 2 tbsp).


Curly Wurlys – 6 syns

I have yet to meet a member of Slimming World who doesn’t love these! The combination of chocolate and caramel plus the fact that it’s a decent size makes these a Syn-Tin must-have.


Galaxy Ripple – 8.5 syns

A little bit higher in syns but I swear by these. If you want a really good chocolate fix and don’t want to blow every last one of your syns, this is the bar for you.


Kelkin 100-Cal Micro Popcorn – 5 syns

I love mixing this with a fun-size pack of Maltesers (5.5 syns) for a classic cinema-style treat!


Aero Bubbly Chocolate Mousse – 4.5 syns

A pot of this with some chopped fresh strawberries is the best!


Velvet Crunch – 4.5 syns

I was eating these crisps way before I joined Slimming World. They’re lovely and light and crunchy. Thai Chilli is definitely my favourite flavour!


Pink Panther Pink Wafers – 2 syns each

If you love your biscuits, it’s worth figuring out which ones are the best choice, syn-wise. I’m a big fan of these pink wafers.


Hartley’s Sugar-Free Jelly – 1.5 syns per sachet

This couldn’t be easier to make and it’s great on its own or with squirty cream (half a syn for 2 tbsp).


Pocky – 0.5 syns per stick

I found these chocolate coated biscuit sticks in an Asian supermarket. My tip with these is to decide how many you’re going to have and set them aside because if you just eat them straight from the box, you’ll easily get through the entire thing (I speak from experience!). Having said that, the whole box works out at roughly 11 syns so you could actually have it and still stay within your allowance!


Wasabi Crackers – 5.5 syns per 25g

These came from the Asian supermarket too. They’re something different but tasty too.


Ready-made Meringues – 2.5 syns each

Just add some yogurt and fresh fruit for a quick and easy delicious dessert!


Quark with Options Hot Chocolate – 1.5 syns

Plain quark is free on the plan and mixed with hot chocolate powder, it turns in to something pretty great. If you like creamy desserts, then you’ll probably love this.


Tayto Snax – 4.5 syns

I definitely have more of a sweet tooth but when I’m craving something different, I love these cheese and onion flavoured crisps.


Lotus Biscoff – 1.5 syns each

These classic cinnamon flavoured biscuits are perfect with a cup of tea!


Shapers Bars – 4.5 / 5 syns

I picked these up in Boot’s after someone in my group recommended them. They were both really tasty and I especially loved that the Salted Caramel bar had the right balance of sweet and salty. There are a few different flavours of these bars and I’m planning to try them all!


One thought on “17 Low-Syn Treats

  1. Thanks for this post! Other than the salted popcorn there isn’t anything on that list that I wouldn’t eat. Gotta love a diet where you can snack 😀

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