Saturday Night Fakeaway: Thai Chicken Curry

I’ve always loved a takeaway at the weekend (or any day, really!) and that hasn’t changed since I joined Slimming World two months ago.

Eight weeks in to the plan and I’m one stone, three and a half pounds lighter. I’m so proud of my progress although I still have some way to go before reaching my goal. I’ve become very aware of what I’m actually eating and traditional takeaways are laden with Syns (even if you’re not familiar with Slimming World, I think you could guess that’s not a good thing! Generally SW followers are allowed up to 15 Syns a day and a standard takeaway could easily contain 25 Syns, if not more). So now instead of ordering ready-made food online, I do a bit of research and stock up in the supermarket so I can make healthier versions of my favourite takeaways at home.


One of the first Slimming World recipes I ever tried was this Thai green chicken curry. It takes about an hour so it is a little time-consuming but it’s honestly totally worth it. It’s deliciously creamy with a slight kick — hands down, the best Thai green curry I’ve ever had!


Since that first attempt, I’ve since made it at least half a dozen times already. I adapt it slightly to my own tastes but just small changes that won’t affect the Syn value. I always throw in fresh lemongrass just because I’m obsessed with the flavour and I leave out the green beans because I’m not a fan of them at all.


With this particular one, I added in diced onion and huge handfuls of chopped green cabbage. I’m really trying to add more speed (those certain fruit and veg that are meant to boost your weight loss) to my plate so additions like this really help! I also used red chillis instead of green simply because that’s what I had to hand!


This feels so indulgent and yet it’s only 2.5 Syns per serving. It’s packed with flavour and just so tasty and satisfying! I went with noodles this time but that can easily be swapped for rice and/or SW chips. Food optimising at its best!



3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fakeaway: Thai Chicken Curry

  1. Gorgeous. Try it with courgette ribbons or noodles next time as with that quantity of noodles you aren’t going to get your third of speed foods (and that will affect your weight loss). (This is very much pot calling kettle black, but I know that this is where I struggled with sw)


    1. There’s a third speed there (onion, cabbage, chillies), it’s just probably hard to tell from the picture! But I love the idea of courgette noodles so must try them!


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