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Slimming World Update #5 & #6

Since I didn’t get a chance to post an update last week, I thought I would combine my results of the past fortnight! Life has been even more hectic than usual. I started a new job during the summer and it’s starting to get really busy now. As well as that, I moved to a new place earlier this month! It’s closer to work which means less of a commute but I’m no longer living with my fiancé which is so hard (but necessary right now due to our circumstances…plus it’s only temporary so we’ll manage!). Despite all the craziness of late, I’m still managing to stay on plan and I’m very proud of my results so far.


So for week five, I was aiming for a two pound loss and I got just that! The following week, I simply aimed for a loss of a pound and a half so I could reach a loss of one stone…and I ended up losing three pounds!

In total now, I’ve lost fifteen and a half pounds on Slimming World. I’m thrilled with that — especially considering the fact that it’s only been six weeks! I really enjoy attending class every week and hearing about the experiences of the other members. I’ve been relying on simple meals and low-Syn snacks while I’ve been busy but hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can start experimenting with recipes again. I’m still as determined now as I was when I started the plan…long may that feeling continue!


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