5 Expansion Pack Ideas for The Sims 4



The Sims 4 has some pretty cool new features but it’s a bit of a shame that other fun aspects of previous games have practically disappeared. For example; there are hardly ever fires anymore and even when the kitchen does go up in flames, there are no more heroic firefighters to come to the rescue! Burglaries have become a thing of the past as well. Remember those balaclava-clad guys tip-toeing on to your property?! If you were savvy enough to have a house alarm in place, the cops would (usually) come rushing to your door at the first hint of a break-in. It was pretty amusing to watch the scene unfold — even if it left your poor Sims feeling uneasy for a while afterwards!

An Emergency expansion pack would inject so much life in to the game! Bring back fire engines and cop cars. Add in ambulances too! Imagine if your Sims could suffer a heart attack, randomly collapse or have some sort of terrible accident…There could also be more routine maladies such as allergic reactions and headaches. The way it is now, Sims have it too easy. It’s definitely time to start shaking things up!


Get to School

We already have Get to Work, so why not Get to School?! You could have a classroom setting for your child or teen Sim. Ensure they make it in before the first bell rings or risk getting a warning from the head teacher. Pay attention during classes or your grades might slip. Figure out where you can sit at lunchtime. Get in to a fight and you might get detention! Make friends and enemies, sit exams, sign up for extracurricular activities…there could be so many possibilities!

How fun would it be to be able to design your own school too?! You could set uniforms, decide what will be served in the canteen and maybe even create a Hogwarts-inspired institute! Adult Sims could attend reunions, private school could make a comeback and final exams could actually have an impact on your young Sims’ futures. Their time spent in the classroom might turn out to be the best (or worst) days of their lives!



Let’s make a bigger deal out of all those big moments! It would be great to see sites in the game where Sims can go to mark specific occasions.

If your Sims decide to tie the knot, they should be able to set a date in style. Start with an engagement party, follow up by liaising with a wedding planner and finish things off with a fabulous celebration in a venue exclusively designed for such an occasion. There’s no need for a generic do either — there could be an array of choices from classic fairy-tale to gothic dream, Hollywood glamour to a vintage affair. A special big day is the perfect way to mark the start of two new lives together!

A birthday is another important time in a Sim’s life. Whether it’s a lavish bash for a precious little one or a surprise party for Grandma, ageing up could be so much more fun! Book the venue and ring ahead to arrange a theme. You might have a bouncy castle for kids, a DJ for the teens or a sit-down meal for an older crowd. Throw in some cake and balloons, invite all the family and friends and make it a day to remember!

Of course, all good things must come to an end and one thing that’s certain in any Sims’ life is death (unless you adjust the settings, of course…). Your virtual peeps should be able to say goodbye to their loved ones with a ceremony in a suitable setting. There could even be a graveyard on the grounds for family and future generations to visit the dearly departed — gone but never forgotten!


Get a Move On

Beep-Beep! Who else is fed-up of Sims disappearing in to thin air when they head out for the day? It’s time for cars and bicycles to make a return. Your Sim could pack the whole family up in a trusty minivan or show off in a flashy sports car. Small Sims could have the chance to learn to ride a bike and then take a seat behind the wheel in their teen years.

While we’re at it; let’s introduce public transport too. Have your Sim dash to catch the bus/train/tram. They could pay fares or try to evade the ticket inspector — maybe they’ll have to talk their way out of a fine or just cough up the Simoleans with shame! Your Sim could pass the journey in different ways by striking up a conversation with fellow travellers, watching the world pass by through the window or getting stuck in to a good book (and risk missing their stop!). Good citizens will offer up their seat to elders and bored commuters could experiment with graffiti and maybe even the emergency button! Not all Sims will travel well and some might come over all queasy when aboard a moving vehicle — let’s hope they can get off in time before bringing up their breakfast in front of the other passengers!  A pack like this would definitely give your Sims a life in the fast lane!


Country Living

Imagine a home surrounded by fields filled with crops or animals — country living could suit your Sim down to the ground! Work the land and reap the benefits when produce becomes market-ready. Raise a herd of cattle, a brood of hens and/or a flock of sheep. Teach the young ‘uns to milk a cow, collect eggs and look after little lambs. Raise generation after generation on the same land and watch the farm flourish — or flounder!

If farming isn’t for your Sim, they could still enjoy the peace and quiet of country living. Strolls in unspoiled woodland, foraging for food and swimming in open lakes could be perfect pastimes for Sims of all ages. Give your home a natural rustic look with exposed wooden beams, huge stone fireplaces, antique appliances and patchwork blankets. The simple life could be pretty sweet!


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