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Slimming World Update #3

Week 3 and I’m down another 3 pounds! I’m thrilled because I would have been happy enough with a 2 pound loss. I had been putting in extra effort though (including a couple of stints on the treadmill) so it’s great that it’s paying off. I’m now a total of nine and a half pounds lighter and I feel pretty good about that!


As far as following the plan goes; it’s been a decent week. As suggested by my consultant, I’ve been keeping food diaries. I keep forgetting to actually hand them in at every meeting but even just looking at them myself is so helpful. I use specific templates that came with my starter pack so you can easily keep track of what Speed Food, Free Food, Healthy Extras and Syns you’ve been consuming. From my entries on the templates, I’ve noticed that I’m not eating nearly enough Speed Foods so I need to improve there. Also I need to start bringing my own lunch to work because I’ve started spending a fortune on fancy salads from different places! On the plus side, I’ve been doing well at keeping under my daily Syn allowance of 15. On weekdays, I aim to keep my Syns as low as possible but at the weekend, I always indulge in the full 15!

For my next meeting tomorrow, I want to be optimistic but realistic. PMS plus a lack of exercise in recent days means that I’m not expecting much — I’d be happy with a loss of a single pound. Even if I maintain, I guess that would be okay too…I’m just praying it won’t be a gain!


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