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Slimming World Update #2

I went in to my last Slimming World meeting with the optimistic-but-not-unrealistic aim of another three and a half pound weight loss. I hopped up on the scales and watch the screen flicker…and settle. “You’ve lost three pounds” the lady behind the desk informed me.

In all honesty, I was slightly annoyed but I quickly realised that I should be pleased. Sure, another half pound would have meant I’d have lost a total of half a stone but a three pound loss is definitely not to be sniffed at. All progress counts and I’m going to keep putting in the effort. My consultant and group were so full of support and I was delighted to get Slimmer of the Week! I was given a huge bag of fruit (everyone contributes a piece at the start of the meeting), a cute magnet and a shiny sticker to proudly display on my book! It was such a lovely little boost. You get a sticker for each achievement — it might sound a little childish but it’s actually good motivation! I’m determined to get as many as possible!


As far as this week goes, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had a few days off work so I’ve been mostly catching up on sleep and reading and Netflix! I’m browsing the Slimming World website a lot and experimenting with different recipes. I’ll be sure to share my favourites in time! For my next meeting, I’m hoping for another good loss. At the very least, half a pound so I can hit that half stone mark (and get my next sticker!) but preferably two and a half or even another three! I have to admit I’m slightly terrified of going in to class and having a gain. I’ve really been making an effort and it costs money for each session so I’d definitely be disheartened if I put on anything. Hopefully that won’t be the case — I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow!


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