Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower

Earlier this month, I went on a mission to find a suitable fragrance to wear to work. I headed straight to Debenham’s and within half an hour, both of my arms had been sprayed to death and I was clutching half a dozen scent strips still without a clue as to what I should get. I liked pretty much everything I’d tried although nothing in particular had really stood out. After some pacing about and a few more samples from various bottles, I ended up settling on Jimmy Choo’s Illicit Flower.

jimmychoo-illicitflower (2)

Feminine and (unsurprisingly!) floral, it’s quite a nice perfume. The hint of jasmine in this fragrance really appeals to me as it’s one of my all-time favourite scents. Other notes include mandarin orange, rose and cashmere wood. Once applied in the morning, it lasts reasonably well for the day.

Unfortunately, as I’ve come to realise, it’s not a particularly interesting perfume. I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks now and I have to admit that I’m already kind of bored of it. I mean, it’s really not bad and it will certainly do for work but it’s just a bit too simple for my liking. At €45 for a 40ml bottle, I feel that there would be better options out there for a similar price. I won’t be rushing out in search of an alternative but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out. If you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know in the comment section below!


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