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Slimming World Update #1

It’s been almost a full two weeks since I signed up for Slimming World and I’m really proud to say it’s going pretty well! I’ve been carefully following the plan and I’m happy enough with it.

At my last meeting, I found out that I had lost 3 and a half pounds in my first week. I have to confess that I was hoping for a 5 pound loss but I tried not to be too disappointed! After all, a loss is a loss and it all adds up.


For me, I’m finding it’s so important to be organised in order to stay on track. I’m now making the effort to think ahead and bring a list with me to the supermarket so I can keep my kitchen filled with all the right foods. Breakfast is usually eggs with a side of fresh fruit or Weetabix (as a healthy extra) with fat-free natural yogurt and berries. For lunch, it’s either a big salad or sandwich (with wholemeal bread as a healthy extra). I’ve been trying a few different Slimming World recipes for dinner (the curry was great, the spaghetti not so much) and it’s been interesting to experiment with different ingredients.

Since I’m only stocking my kitchen with the right food, it hasn’t been too difficult to stay on track at home. When I’m out, however, it’s a different story! There has been so much temptation this week! First of all, we went to Howth at the weekend. While we were there, we passed a dozen chippers and ice-cream shops plus we wandered in to the loveliest foodie market but I managed to stay strong! Instead I opted for a freshly-made sandwich (wholemeal bread for my healthy extra!) at a little café followed by an hour-long walk in the fresh air. Then, earlier in the week, we spent an evening at the cinema. I usually can’t resist the lure of pick-and-mix or a popcorn and Malteser combo but I made sure to have a filling dinner before we went out and skipped the snack counter altogether. Finally today, an intern at the office was finishing up so they had tons of cakes in but I resisted and stuck with a cup of coffee instead — and I felt all the better for it.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still a firm believer in treats. The only difference now is that I want to make sure they fit in with my plan. Chocolate with a side of strawberries has become one of my favourite options — so good when you’re having a Netflix marathon!

Tomorrow will be my third Slimming World meeting and I’m looking forward to it. I would really love to lose another three and a half pounds to make it a half stone loss for the month. I have an overall goal weight in mind and hopefully, with a bit of effort, I’ll reach it by Christmas (and keep it off for the new year!).


7 thoughts on “Slimming World Update #1

  1. This is a great start! I lost 3lbs in my first week and 4 months later that turned into three stone! Stay on track! Keep doing what your doing. Remember “this is it” stay organised and …fabulous!


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