Love Beauty at Penney’s

Some time ago, a beauty studio appeared in Penney’s on Mary Street right in the centre of Dublin. Love Beauty offers nails, lashes and threading and I had been meaning to stop by for the longest time…sadly, it just never happened.

Now that I’m working in the city, however, I have a lot more opportunity to try all these things that I’ve been wanting to do! One morning when my nails were looking particularly neglected, I made a same-day appointment and popped by that evening.


The studio is a compact — albeit slightly congested — space. As it’s right on the ground floor of a massive Penney’s store, it’s not somewhere to go if you want a super peaceful or private experience! It is fun though as it’s very lively and there’s lots going on around you.

As expected, it was fairly busy on the Thursday evening that I visited and even though I booked ahead, I still had to wait fifteen minutes to be seen. I’d definitely recommend making an appointment for nails — I just wouldn’t chance a walk-in.

I opted for a mini manicure with gel paint. At Love Beauty, they use O.P.I. polish and there’s a pretty great selection of colours on offer. I chose a gorgeous light blue shade — perfect for summer! The nail technician was so attentive and I think she did a really good job.


It’s been a full seventeen days since I got this treatment and — believe it or not — my nails haven’t chipped. A couple of tips became a little frayed but I just filed them and that was sorted. I’m so impressed! I’ll be removing the polish later this week simply because the natural growth is becoming noticeable.

I was so pleased with this service that I ended up stopping by the following week to get my eyebrows done too. Love Beauty specialize in threading. I’ve been getting my brows waxed for over ten years now but I had never tried any other method before so I was a little apprehensive although still curious! I didn’t make an appointment for this and instead just joined the queue on arrival.


Again, I was seen within around fifteen minutes. As customers are just randomly seated while waiting, there was a bit of confusion amongst everyone as to who was next in line but we managed to sort it out between us!

For the treatment, you sit back in a big chair while a woman works away with a length of thread. There were a couple of uncomfortable moments but nothing too unbearable. I was really pleased with the results as well.

For €8, the threading was such brilliant value and I’d definitely go back for that again. The nails from the previous week came in at €29 which I think is a standard price across salons. Even though they done a really good job, the price isn’t that amazing plus I like trying new places so I’ll go elsewhere for nails next time. Overall though, I had two really positive experiences at this beauty studio and if you happen to be near that particular Penney’s, it’s worth stopping by!


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