Pokémon Go Dublin

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was starting a new job. What I forgot to say, however, was that the job is right in the centre of Dublin. I’m now spending more time than ever in the city which is pretty fun for me since I’ve spent most of my life in quite a small town!

When I have a few spare hours, I love wandering around the city and it just so happened that Pokémon Go launched around the same time that I started my job.


As most people who have downloaded the app will know; it’s a pretty addictive game! It’s also a really great way to get to know an area as you’re encouraged to move around lots in order to capture and collect new Pokémon. Along the way, sites of interest are marked out as “Pokéstops” where you can collect extra items to advance in the game. There are also “Gyms” found at real locations where you can battle other people’s Pokémon but I’ve yet to do that!


Every time I open the app, it’s not long before something appears. I’ve found them on the streets, in shops, in the park, on public transport…I’m getting to know the city better one Pokémon at a time!


Since this game can lead you to clock up some serious miles, I think it’s only right to stop for a snack while you’re out and about. Here in Dublin, Krüst Bakery on Aungier Street are doing these adorable and delicious Pokéball cronuts — definitely perfect fuel for Pokémon hunting!



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