Gordon’s Gin Freeze and Squeeze Cocktails

It’s that time of year again when I start craving frozen cocktails! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of the “freeze and squeeze” pouches. These are individual pre-made cocktails that you pop in the freezer at home — they’re fun and a bit different and ideal for this summer heat!

I’ve tried a few different types of frozen cocktails in the past and they’ve usually been vodka or rum-based so when I recently came across a gin-based variety, I was obviously intrigued!


I’ve always found these kind of pouches in the big supermarkets but I actually came across these particular ones in Spar. There were two flavours to choose from: Blackberry & Rose Blossom Cooler and Gin & Tonic sorbet. They looked good, sounded great and at €2.99 a piece, I just couldn’t resist!


Before consuming, it’s recommended that they’re kept in the freezer for around eight hours. I only picked these up in the afternoon but I was eager to try them out that evening so they only got about six and a half hours in the freezer. Happily, that turned out to be enough time (although my freezer does need to be defrosted right now though so maybe that’s why they froze faster than normal?!).


After running the pouches under warm water, they were squeezed in to glasses and put to the test. The Gin & Tonic Sorbet was as refreshing as you would expect it to be. It’s such a classic flavour which I think would appeal to a lot of people. The Blackberry & Rose Blossom Cooler wasn’t overpoweringly sweet but instead, had a really lovely subtle taste to it.


I’m such a big fan of these, I wish they were available in handy multi-packs! I’d definitely pick up a box of these for this Bank Holiday weekend!


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