Moving On Up!

Early last month, I mentioned that there were some changes on the way. To start, there was the big move — my fiancé and I packed up our stuff and handed back the keys to the first apartment we had lived in together. We have somewhere new lined up that’s not quite ready yet so we’ve moved back in with family in the meantime. I’m looking forward to have a place of our own again but right now, however, I’m preparing for another big change…that is my new job!

A while back, I got word that something could be coming up and this month, I got my official offer. I’m starting in my new role very soon and I’m so excited (and also a little bit nervous, to be honest!). This new job comes with a lot of new responsibilities but I think I’m ready for the challenge! It’s something I’ve wanted for quite some time now. Since the start of this year, I’ve been longing for change and with a new job and a new home now on the horizon, I’m thrilled that things are starting to work out!


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