Emoji Cake!

We’re celebrating my brother’s birthday this weekend. I always make a cake for the occasion and this year, I wanted to do something fun and a little different. After some deliberation, I decided to do an emoji cake. Emojis are more popular than ever right now and I thought a bright and playful cake would be perfect!


The cake itself was chocolate — I really liked the idea of the bright yellow icing contrasting with the darkness of a rich chocolate cake…plus it’s just the best flavour!


I initially wanted to try a homemade marshmallow fondant but it turned out to be a hectic week and as I was running out of time, I ended up using plain old shop-bought fondant.


I’ve never worked with fondant before but it wasn’t so bad. It tore a little as I draped it over the cake but I smoothed it with a knife and it wasn’t too obvious. If I’d had more time, I would have rolled it out again but this was an eleventh hour job so I just had to get on with it!



I used black fondant for the details. There are so many emojis to choose from and I opted for the sunglasses emoji. For the mouth, I used a round lid to get a circle and then sliced it and I did the eyebrows free hand style. For the all-important main feature, I used actual sunglasses to get a decent outline.



I’m so happy with how the cake turned out as a whole! It’s not totally perfect but the effect is there. It tasted so delicious too — I wouldn’t normally even be much of a fan of fondant but this was actually pretty good! I’d definitely use it again in the future. Practice makes perfect and I think that might be a great excuse to make another cake again soon!



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