Moving On!

Earlier this month, I mentioned that there are changes on the way. For a while now, my other half and I have been making plans. After much discussion, we made some decisions…and one of those decisions involves us moving out!


After two and a half years of living here, we’ll be leaving at the end of this week. It’s definitely going to be a bittersweet moment for us. While we’re looking forward to the change, it’s also going to be so sad to walk out of this place for the last time! This was our first home together and we have really enjoyed living here. It has been our haven to retreat to after hectic days at work and college, it’s been a space to entertain our family and friends — we even got engaged under this roof last summer!

The time has come, however, for us to move on. We have lots planned and we’re so excited for what’s next! Handing over the keys on Friday will signal the end of this little era so it will be a pretty big moment for us! Until then, we have plenty of packing and some serious cleaning to keep us busy. As always, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for all the updates! If we’re not already following each on Social Media, be sure to leave your links below!


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