My First Mac Lipstick!

Since the start of this year, I’ve been experimenting more with make-up than ever before. I’ve been looking at different brands and trying out a few products that I wouldn’t normally choose. When I turned to my fellow bloggers for a little inspiration, I couldn’t help noticing the one item that showed up again and again in their hauls and Instagrams — the Mac lipstick! It seems to be a bit of a cult product and I needed to see what all the hype was about!


After a little research online and a browse in the store itself, I made my decision. I’ve never worn much lipstick in the past so I wanted something pretty and subtle that I could actually wear. In the end, I opted for Velvet Teddy.


It’s such a perfect shade. It’s like a neutral nude-pink that’s so easy to wear. I absolutely love the matte finish. As someone who has always worn glosses rather than lipsticks, this is so different for me! I’m really impressed with the product as a whole. It’s long-lasting, easy to apply and feels comfortable on the lips. As well as all that, it smells lovely too! I’ve been wearing this so much over the past few months and I can’t wait to try another shade soon! Any recommendations, please leave in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “My First Mac Lipstick!

  1. I just bought my first Mac lipstick recently! I got ‘mehr’ which is kind of a pinker version of velvet teddy. I definitely want to go and buy more now!
    Ailbhe X

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