The 3-Day Diet: The Results!

After posting every day about how I was getting on with the 3 Day Diet, I couldn’t not share the results! As it turned out, I lost 3 pounds. I now weigh X stone 2 pounds. To be honest, I was hoping to lose 4 (or even 5) pounds but I’m still happy enough! A loss is a loss and this is just the beginning!

The 3 Day Diet was always just going to be something to get me started. I have no intention of doing it again any time soon. It was tough enough — the third and final day was definitely the hardest — so I’m really determined that those 3 days of suffering weren’t for nothing! I’m now going to focus on having a healthy balanced diet and fitting in some exercise so hopefully I can continue to lose weight in that way. I have to say that blogging about the diet really helped me so I’m considering posting the occasional update as I go along. I like the idea of “Weight-Loss Wednesday” and this is something I might do so be sure to keep an eye out for that! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The 3-Day Diet: The Results!

  1. Good luck! I hope you find your way to health, even if you don’t lose weight. I’ve done similar things and I did make a few unwise decisions. Don’t do what I did 🙂


  2. Well done! That diet sounded quite hard though. I have low blood sugar and I could imagine getting that low blood sugar shaky feeling in between meals on that. I’ve never really had a weight problem, but I do watch my weight (because I don’t want a problem!), and if I start to put on a few pounds, then I go on a diet. The only thing that seems to work for me is to get some good quality protein shakes, and then I do a three protein shakes a day thing (and nothing else to eat) for three or four days, and then eat normally (but carefully, like no junk) for the rest of the week, and then keep doing that for several weeks until I’m where I want to be. I find with the good protein shakes, even though I might get a bit hungry in between, my blood sugar seems to stay stable, so I don’t get that awful shaky feeling where you just want to stuff huge doughnuts into your mouth to make it stop! I can cope with a bit of hunger, but not feeling weak and shaky.

    I actually even allow myself a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in the evening on the protein shake days as a treat (and that staves off those end of day hunger pangs too), and it doesn’t stop me from losing the weight.

    It’s all about finding what works for you though isn’t it, and what you can stick to.


    1. It wasn’t too pleasant at all! But I’m happy I had a little bit of a loss and I’ve kept it off since so at least that’s something! I’ve never tried protein shakes before, I might give your method a go some time!

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      1. Well if you do, I recommend this make – (hope that link works, it’s quite long). It might seem quite expensive, but if you work it out as price per meal it really isn’t. You can mix it with milk or water, I always do milk, it’s much nicer. The good thing with these types of shakes is that they have loads of vitamins and stuff in them, and I think that’s what helps to keep you sustained because you’re still getting the nutrition and that that you would from a fuller meal. You’d think I was on commission selling this wouldn’t you! (Promise I’m not!). Oh and if you buy it, get a good shaker to go with it to avoid it being lumpy 🙂


      2. Haha I always worry that people think I’m on commission too when I’m really enthusiastic about something! 😂 thank you for the advice, really appreciate it!


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