The 3-Day Diet: Day 2

Today was definitely tougher than yesterday. I woke up feeling hungry and had little pangs throughout the day. Before I grabbed lunch, I was feeling pretty weak and tired. I’m so glad that this diet is only for 72 hours — there’s no way I would last if it was any longer!


What it says to have:

Black coffee or tea or water / 1 egg (any style) / 1 slice of toast / Half a banana


What I actually have:

A poached egg, a slice of toast and half a banana with a black coffee.


Yes, I would have preferred another slice of (buttered) toast and again, I like my coffee with a little sugar and plenty of milk — but it was a decent enough meal so I can’t complain!


What is says to have:

Black coffee or tea or water / 5 saltine crackers / 1 cup of cottage cheese


What I actually have:

One good thing about this diet is that you can make certain substitutions — so I can swap disgusting cottage cheese for cheddar. The calorie content has to match though so I have 50g off a block. Alongside 5 Tuc crackers, it looks more like a snack than a meal.


That was not filling at all! Fortunately I have a few things to do in the afternoon so my mind is kept occupied! When I get home an hour later though, I’m hungry again but I just drink lots of water and try to keep busy.


What it says to have:

Black coffee or tea or water / 2 hot dogs / 1 cup of broccoli / Half a cup of carrots / Half a banana / Half a cup of ice-cream



What I actually have:

2 hot dogs with 60g of a shop-bought carrot and orange salad. I cheated a little here but my excuse is that I fell on the way to the shop and hurt my hand so I decided I didn’t want to have to prepare the vegetables myself! It sounds like such a random excuse but it’s actually the truth — it had been pouring rain and I didn’t realise how slippy the paths were 😦 I put the ice-cream and half a banana together for a much-needed pick-me-up for later in the evening!


All I can say is that I’m glad that tomorrow is the last day of this diet!


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