The 3-Day Diet: Day 1

This month, I’ve already blogged (twice!) about how we’ve been making plans and there are going to be a few changes happening for us over the coming weeks. This morning, I woke up and decided I wanted to make another change — I want to lose weight.

Granted, I declare this every Monday morning but this time I’m really going to make the effort (honest!). I’m just so fed-up of not being happy with my size. I want to kick-start my weight loss so I’m going to attempt the 3-Day Diet. Yes, it’s a fad diet but it’s a very short one so I feel if I just give it a go, I have nothing to lose (apart from the obvious, hopefully).

I admit that I do have some mixed feelings about doing this. I know that the proper way to lose weight is through exercise and a healthy balanced diet and this is something I’ll be working on once these three days are up. This is all about just having that little kick-start! I’m being realistic and not expecting a miracle. I know there’s not going to be a huge transformation but the truth is that I’ve done this diet several times in the past and I’ve always lost a few pounds on it. I’d then attempt to eat healthier but I’d always eventually give in and go back to my old ways. This time, I’m really determined to do things differently!  I feel like if I can start off by just losing those first few pounds, it will motivate me to keep going.

To be perfectly honest, I’m mortified about how much I weight right now. I’m not even going to put it in writing but let’s just say I weigh X stone 5 pounds…!  It’s hard to admit it but my favourite clothes don’t fit anymore and I hardly recognize myself. As well as that, it’s really not healthy for me and I hate to think that my health is being affected by something I can control with just a bit of effort.

I’ve known for a while now that I have to start somewhere and as it is; I just so happen to have three days off work. I wouldn’t dream of doing this diet otherwise. I know from past experience that I can sometimes feel weak and light-headed and unable to concentrate when I’m on this diet so I just wouldn’t risk it if I had to be in work. I’m giving it a go as of today and I’ll see what happens. Whether it goes well or not, I’ll be changing my eating habits and working on getting back to a healthy size once and for all!


What it says to have:

Black tea or coffee or water / Half a grapefruit / One slice of toast with 1 tbsp of peanut butter 


What I actually have:  

I don’t like grapefruit so I just stick with the toast. I don’t measure the amount of peanut butter but it’s definitely less than a tablespoon. I drink half a cup of black coffee — if it had milk and sugar in it, I would have savoured every last drop!


No big deal — coffee and toast is pretty much a standard breakfast for a lot of people, right? Although I’d normally have 2 slices with butter and jam or banana so I guess this might be a bit healthier!


What it says to have:

Black tea or coffee or water / Half a cup of tuna / One slice of toast


What I actually have:

Okay so…I really don’t like tuna. The smell turns my stomach and I think I’d actually get sick if I had to eat it. So I work out that half a can of tuna is roughly 100 calories, the same as 5 slices of the deli ham which I have in my fridge. It’s wafer thin ham but it’s so salty and I only manage three and half slices. Thank God for the toast which — even though it’s dry — I actually like. I chug half a bottle of water too.


Ugh…not exactly tasty stuff but it will keep me going for a while anyway.


What it says to have:

Black tea or coffee or water / 3 ounces of lean meat / 1 cup of green beans / 1 cup of carrots / 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream / 1 apple




What I actually have: 

3.5 ounces of baked chicken breast (I saved calories on the grapefruit earlier so I think I’m allowed a little extra meat). I didn’t have much veg in the house so I drizzled some bell peppers with a tiny bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roasted them in the oven. I finish off that bottle of water too.

Since I haven’t been to the shops yet this week, I didn’t have any apples either so I had a pear instead as a little mid-afternoon snack before dinner! I honestly couldn’t figure out how much a cup of ice-cream is in ounces — I looked it up and got every figure from 4 to 8! In the end, I decided to play it safe with 4 ounces — it seemed like a lot anyway! I’m keeping it as a treat for when we’re watching Game of Thrones tonight!


Dinner was actually pretty good. I’m glad that Day 1 is pretty much done but I have to say I’m feeling okay. I did get a little hungry around 4pm which is why I reached for the fruit then but apart from that, I’m really not that bad! Let’s hope Day 2 goes as well!


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