104 Thoughts I Had Watching The Walking Dead Finale

  1. Here we go!
  2. Ninety minutes, it’s basically a film.
  3. He just shot his shoulder, I’m sure.
  4. Is that supposed to be a motivational sign or what…?
  5. Oh no, please don’t let the horse die.
  6. Who that?
  7. Carl and the Stetson forever.
  8. Oh no…
  9. Omg can the fake scientist and the ginger guy just get killed already.
  10. He doesn’t want you to be his anchor man, GO AWAY.
  11. Ok the people are actually as bad as the walkers.
  12. Ha she fell for it.
  13. Ah, young love.
  14. Rick’s going grey, must be the stress.
  15. So pleased that the horse has made it this far.
  16. CAROL!
  17. Give her all the care, she’s been too strong for too long.
  18. Maggie has to pull through, Judith needs a peer.
  19. Ugh.
  20. Uh-oh.
  21. Don’t trust them, Rick.
  22. No they won’t give you all their stuff!
  23. Yeah because that’s reasonable.
  24. Street art?
  25. Hmm…that’s a whole lot of talking.
  26. I don’t trust this whole situation.
  27. What was that…?
  28. Just come back, Carol.
  29. WTF is with that creepy portrait in the back?
  30. You can’t give up!
  31. Don’t go!
  32. Do what, exactly?!
  33. I like that she looks kind of horrified.
  34. Shots have been fired…
  35. …and they’re driving away.
  36. Oh, that’s kind of awful.
  37. Really?
  38. You’re really going to…oh, okay.
  39. She gone.
  40. She should have taken the horse lol.
  41. So eloquent.
  42. WHAT?!
  43. What is that?!
  44. I’m calling set-up.
  45. They took their clothes?!
  46. Wait…did they actually dress the walkers in their clothes?
  47. How did they manage that at all?
  48. What now?!
  49. Ah, God…
  50. She couldn’t have gotten that far, surely.
  51. Carol, watch yourself!
  52. For God sake Carol, you’re actually going to give me a heart attack.
  53. No!
  54. No, you’re not.
  55. How COULD you?!
  56. Hang in there, Maggie.
  57. I believe Rick too.
  58. So worse than the walkers.
  59. Yay!
  60. He can’t and shouldn’t survive this actually.
  61. Good.
  62. You look ridiculous.
  63. But you seem nice so I’ll let that go.
  64. Ugh.
  65. So not fair.
  66. FIRE.
  67. That’s the grimmest scene.
  68. Time to abandon ship so.
  69. Don’t care about these two at all, sorry.
  70. How did it get so dark so quick?
  71. Be careful, gang.
  72. Oh good God, what is that NOW.
  73. No, no, no, no, no.
  74. I want to wrap them all in bulletproof bubble wrap.
  75. Oh my Lord.
  76. What is that hideous sound?!
  77. Like…what can they even actually do?
  78. This isn’t fair!
  79. I hate you with your awful hair and stupid moustache and crazy eyes.
  80. Leave him alone!
  81. My heart…not able.
  82. Him again.
  83. Hey guys!
  84. Do we know him already?
  85. No.
  86. That jacket a bit tight, no?
  87. Oh please don’t take this out on Carl.
  88. Don’t.
  89. If someone wants to swoop in now and save the day, that would be great.
  90. Anyone?
  91. Carol?
  92. Okay…
  93. Omg no.
  94. Who, though?
  95. Leave him alone!
  96. Shush!
  97. Is he actually going to do this or is it just scaremongering…?
  98. This is too cruel!
  99. This is like Saw or something.
  100. WHO
  101. NO
  102. NO
  103. NO
  104. NO!

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