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Afternoon Tea at The Box Tree

It has barely been a year since I first had afternoon tea and yet just last week; I was indulging again in this experience for the fourth time!

Some late night online browsing earlier in the month led me to discover a 2 for 1 voucher for afternoon tea at The Box Tree. Located in Stepaside village in South County Dublin, this is an award winning restaurant and I just couldn’t resist such a great offer!


I went with my best friend on a Monday and we chose a table to the back which felt nice and private. As soon as we were seated, we were immediately offered a Bellini cocktail which was included in the offer. With a choice of four flavours, this sparkling fruity drink was the perfect start to the whole experience! Not long after our arrival, the three tiered stand was brought out to our table and we couldn’t wait to try everything it had to offer!


The sandwiches were all made with white bread and cut in perfect uniformity. These little rectangular slices looked so incredibly appealing, all lined up and pressed together! There was quite a generous selection of five fillings. If I remember correctly, they were cucumber, egg salad, ham, roast beef and salmon. Fresh and substantial for their size, these was so tasty too. I thought I’d prefer a mix of breads as I’ve always had before but visually, these work so well and I can’t fault that!


The second tier held the classic freshly baked scones. Warm and studded with strawberries, these were absolutely gorgeous served with the jam and cream that accompanied them.


Finally, to the top layer…which is always the most exciting! Truth be told, I found it difficult to identify what all the individual treats were exactly — but each one of them tasted delicious! There was such a good mix of really pronounced flavours on the plate — rich chocolate, sweet strawberry and tart lemon. I think there was also a kind of vanilla creme patissiere in shortcrust pastry but I couldn’t be entirely sure. As delicious as these treats were, however, I would have preferred a little more variety in terms of texture as these pretty much all had the same mousse-like consistency. Also not only were they a bit too similar to one another, they were all on the small side which was a little disappointing.

The tea came after we finished the food which was unusual but we didn’t mind as we had been sipping on our cocktails up until then! We had a choice of hot drinks but we both went with the regular breakfast variety — always my favourite!


Overall, it was a lovely afternoon tea. I have to say, it was a bit different to what I’ve experienced on previous occasions. To start, this was in an independent restaurant rather than a hotel. It had such a different atmosphere with modern music in the background and a view of the road and houses. Maybe because it was early enough on a Monday but there weren’t many other customers in at the time — although as we were finishing up, a few other people started coming in for the same experience. We really enjoyed ourselves though and with our 2 for 1 voucher, it was excellent value as it was only €25 in total.

If you want to indulge in some afternoon tea outside of the city, this is a pretty great place to try. It’s a bit isolated but it’s worth noting that Dundrum town centre is only a ten minute drive away — so combining the two places makes for a really great girly day out!

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