Fourth Celebration!

My blog is four years old today! I can hardly believe it but I’ve published over 700 posts in the past 48 months. I started this blog with the aim of rediscovering my love for writing and I’m happy to say that that has most definitely happened.


This blog of mine has become such an important part of my life. It’s an incredible creative outlet and it allows me to connect with an entire community. While I’m lucky enough to now have a full-time job, I went through a period of unemployment which was fairly tough (joys of being a graduate in the middle of a recession). During that time, my blog gave me something to do and really helped to keep my mind focused for which I’ll always be grateful. Whether it’s a recipe, a review or a random update on my life; it’s so great to have this space to share my thoughts and ideas! To anyone and everyone who has ever read, liked or commented on my posts; thank you so much! Here’s to the next twelve months!


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