Nails Inc Spray On Polish

As soon as Nails Inc announced that they were launching their “Nail Polish in a Can”, of course I was instantly intrigued! I’ve been painting my nails since the tender age of ten and the idea of a spray on nail polish is something completely new and unique.


Here in Ireland, these paint cans first launched exclusively in Brown Thomas — and promptly sold out before I could stop by! When I came across the products in Boot’s at a later stage, I popped one in my basket straightaway. There was a choice of two shades: the matte silver Shoreditch Lane or hot pink Hoxton Market. I opted for the latter.


To start with the application, you must first apply a base coat and allow it to dry as usual. Then you shake the paint can and — holding it a distance of 15-20 centimetres away from your nails — spray!



I had spread out some paper towels beforehand to protect the table and they were definitely needed! Not surprisingly, this can be messy enough.


As for the application? It actually wasn’t bad! One nail was a little streaky but I put that down to first time use. For the other hand, it worked a little better still — which meant for the first time in the history of me doing my own nails, the right hand looked better than the left!


Depending on what way you place your hand when spraying the polish, you may or may not hit your thumb. I put my hand down flat the first time I used this which meant I had to go back to spray my thumb. Second time around in trying this, I made a kind of claw so I could hit all 5 nails in one go. Ultimately though, I found application was much smoother using the first method. It’s an extra step but, in my experience, it’s better to do it this way.


After spraying, you have to leave it to set for a few minutes before applying a top coat to finish it off. Once your nails have completely set, you can use warm soapy water to easily wash off the excess paint on your skin.

I was reasonably happy with the final results. It wasn’t a completely even application but I figure I can improve on that with practice. I actually love the colour — I’ve always found that Nails Inc are great with colours and to me, this is the perfect shade of pink!


As for the product itself…I’m happy that I tried it although I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it again. It’s fun to give it a go but it’s not as straightforward as it suggests. A description on the paint can promises “perfectly applied polish in a heartbeat” — this is such a huge exaggeration! By the time you apply the base coat and wait for it to set, spray on the polish and wait for it to set, apply the top coat and wait for it to set (!) and then clean up afterwards, you’re talking somewhere around a full fifteen to twenty minutes! Even when I thought I was finally done, I still had to go back afterwards and tidy up around the cuticles so it’s really not something than can be done in a rush. Also with a RRP of €17, it’s not exactly purse-friendly either — but having said that, the can does contain 50ml of product which is quite a lot so it depends what way you look at it! Ultimately, I think it’s a fun product to try but it takes a bit of time (and practice!) to get decent results. For the most part, I think I’ll be sticking with the traditional bottles for now!


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