A Day at Dublin Zoo

Over the weekend, my sister came across a 2 for 1 voucher for Dublin zoo and we joked about going…until we realised it would actually be a pretty fun day out! As we were both free that following Monday, we hopped on a bus and headed straight for the Phoenix Park.


It was almost midday when we arrived and since I’d skipped breakfast in a rush to get out the door; my first priority was to find food! We stopped in at the Meerkat restaurant and grabbed a table right in front of the floor-to-ceiling window — on the other side of which were about a dozen adorable Meerkats! Watching the little guys scramble about and play with each other was such a great way to start the day!


Although we were given maps of the area on arrival, we decided to just follow random trails and see where we ended up. It made for a more relaxed experience and it was fun not knowing what was next. Parts of the zoo are being redeveloped at the moment but that didn’t really affect us.



We got to see all the usuals like the elephants, giraffes and hippos.  Then there were some more unique sights like red pandas and painted dogs. I really wanted to see the tigers but they were off hiding — it was breezy enough out so I really couldn’t blame them for keeping low!



Walking around the zoo, I couldn’t get over how close we were to some of the animals! It almost felt like if you reached out just a little bit, you could touch them (obviously we didn’t!).




Including a quick breakfast and a browse in the gift shop, we spent just under three hours at the zoo. I think if the weather had been a bit better (and also maybe if we weren’t so eager to stop by the city centre as well!), we would have stayed even longer. Entry for adults is €17 and with our 2 for 1 voucher, we definitely got excellent value for money. It was a really great experience overall and I’d definitely go back again — just maybe on a warmer day!



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