3 Questions People Ask When You’re Engaged

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to do a love-themed post for today and I’ve decided to discuss the three questions that seem to always come up as soon as you get engaged. My guy proposed to me last summer and since then, I’ve been asked all about the following more times than I can remember!


How did he propose?

So I’ve already kind of shared this story when I first announced our engagement on the blog. We had been on a little city break to London and when we got home, he got down on one knee — I honestly never suspected a thing so it was a really lovely surprise! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned, however, that the poor guy had actually been planning on popping the question while we were on holidays. He had carried the ring in his pocket since we left Dublin airport but we’d had such a busy few days, that he never got a chance! Some of the places he considered proposing was on the London Eye (sweet but there was twenty other people in the capsule including some hyper kids!) and Regent’s Park (we’d been running around all day and we were both exhausted at this point though!). In the end, it happened in the comfort and privacy of our home and it was so perfect, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Have you made any plans yet?

Short answer: nope. We have a vague idea of what we want and we’re thinking we’ll tie the knot in 2018. We’ll probably have the service in my local church but we haven’t chosen anywhere for the reception yet. We haven’t thought about any themes or what traditions we’d like to go with and I have no idea what kind of dress I want! One thing we have discussed is where to go on honeymoon and I think we’ve settled on Italy (although I’d love to go to Mexico either!). Basically, we’re really not in a rush and for now, we’re just enjoying being engaged.

Do you feel different now that you’re engaged?

Yes and no. Honestly, it’s hard to say! We’ve been together nearly six years now (which I can hardly believe!) and we both knew pretty much from the start that this was going to be a long-term thing.It’s almost more the way other people react that makes it feel different — like our relationship is considered more serious because we’re engaged. I feel like we’re still the same way that we’ve always been but — not necessarily because we’re engaged and more because we’re longer and longer together — we feel more comfortable with each other than ever. One thing that has changed though is that I’ve never been a big jewellery person — I only ever tended to wear pieces for special occasions. Now though, I don’t feel fully dressed until I’m wearing my ring — I just love it!


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