Sweet Snacks for Valentine’s

Valentine’s is just days away so I decided to put together a little platter of sweet snacks that everyone can enjoy! These are such versatile options and can easily be switched around to suit your own taste. I mixed sweet, salty and fruit flavours for a little variety but really, the options are endless!


I think I make chocolate-covered strawberries every Valentine’s. It’s so simple but delicious and classic. It just works every time! I went with white chocolate on this occasion and threw in a large handful of heart-shaped sprinkles for good measure.


Recently browsing in Penney’s, I came across this alphabet ice-cube tray. I couldn’t resist it and I quickly put it good use by filling it with melted milk chocolate. Okay so that’s not exactly what it was originally meant for but how adorable (and yummy) do these letters look?!



Sweet and salty is another really great combination. Dip pretzels in to melted white chocolate, add some cute sprinkles and leave aside to set. It takes minutes to put together and they’re incredibly tasty (not to mention, addictive!).


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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