Nails Inc Nailkale

I didn’t buy a ton of stuff in the sales this year but one bargain I couldn’t resist was a Nails Inc nail polish set for less than half price! It was made up of six Christmas crackers, each one filled with a full-sized nail polish. Worth over €100, it was originally selling for €49 and I picked it up for €25 which I thought was pretty great!


Within the set was a base coat and two sparkly polishes as well as red, pink and white shades too. It definitely has a festive theme to it but they’re all beautiful on their own so I figured they could work for the rest of the year too!


The first polish I chose to try from the set was Hampstead Grove, a rich and vibrant red. This is one of the shades from Nails Inc’s Nailkale collection — a range of polishes formulated with kale for stronger and healthier nails. I also used the Superfood base coat which I really like as it applies easily and evenly.

While the base coat was decent, I found the formula of Hampstead Grove to be a little too thick for my liking. It was difficult enough to get a smooth finish with this and I had to correct multiple smudges. It also doesn’t help that the lid weighs a ton! The colour is gorgeous though, definitely one of the nicest reds I’ve tried so far. If you’re patient with a steady hand, this could turn out really well. Like most polishes, this one needs a top coat as the first time I wore it on its own, it chipped after a day. I would wear this again but only if I had plenty of time to apply it in the first place! Overall, I can’t say that I’m hugely impressed with this polish — it was just a little too fussy and awkward to use. Hopefully the other polishes in the set will make up for that!


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