77 Thoughts I Had Watching #PLL5YearsForward

  1. Ahh it’s back!
  2. Can’t believe Alison is a teacher.
  3. Seriously, how?!
  4. Spencer’s fringe.
  5. Aria actually looks older.
  6. Already seen this in the preview!
  7. Knew that wasn’t hers.
  8. Although it totally caught me first time round.
  9. Explain what?
  10. Still upset…? Um yeah, probably.
  11. Ali in the middle.
  12. The selfies are a bit cringe…
  13. Wait, is Hannah engaged?!
  14. What can they do though, in fairness?
  15. Emily’s eyebrows are incredible.
  16. What happened to army dad?
  17. It’s a hotel now?!
  18. Why would anyone want to stay there?!
  19. Paris…?
  20. Awfully coincidental that Ezra would happen to be back at the same time…
  21. That ad lol
  22. So…what does she actually do…?
  23. Well, look who it is…
  24. Oh God, did A somehow take the girl…
  25. That would kind of be impressive.
  26. Awkward
  27. Brotherhood of ex-boyfriends omg.
  28. Whatever happened to Jenna?
  29. Say yes!
  30. Yay.
  31. Oh, so they might actually be able to do something.
  32. Why would they want to though…?
  33. Of course the dollhouse and torture needs to be mentioned!
  34. Come on, it was years of torment!
  35. Did you tame it though, did you?!
  36. Mona!
  37. Looking all grown up.
  38. How did he die…?
  39. Alison’s lashes…
  40. Very poetic, Hannah.
  41. Okay, that’s actually terrifying.
  42. What do you expect, Ali?!
  43. Fair enough.
  44. What.
  45. Cute dress.
  46. “A little bit strange” — to say the least?!
  47. This can’t end well.
  48. Slightly insensitive, girls…
  49. Just waiting for a cryptic message to appear…
  50. Sounds to me like Aria is implying that she wants to do an A on Charlotte?
  51. Argh, I knew it!
  52. Oh, Emily…
  53. So it begins.
  54. Yeah, you should!
  55. Now how safe do you feel?!
  56. What the…?
  57. Who is that?!
  58. No way.
  59. So now it’s going to be a whole “who done it” thing?
  60. Caleb!
  61. Aw.
  62. They’re together?!
  63. No…
  64. Are they…?!
  65. So creepy.
  66. Mona’s face.
  67. Okay that’s even creepier.
  68. Why is she walking like that?!
  69. I’m actually scared.
  70. Ah Hannah, where are you going with that dress…?
  71. Now what?!
  72. Of course she was.
  73. So it begins all over again…
  74. Hey, how come they never showed that ‘he’s coming for you’ bit that was in the preview…?
  75. That was what we were waiting for!
  76. Guess we’ll just keep waiting…
  77. Can it be next Wednesday now?

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