Lush Avobath

Over the past few years, I’ve tried lots and lots of Lush products and although I have a few favourites; I’m always up for trying something new. On my most recent visit over the weekend, I picked up Avobath — and I didn’t waste any time in trying it out!

First of all, it smells incredible. I left this in our spare room overnight and as soon as I opened the door the next morning, the scent immediately hit me. It might be a bit overwhelming for some but I really like it. It’s fresh, zesty, uplifting and just gorgeous!


Made with fresh mashed avocado, organic extra virgin olive oil and lemongrass oil; this is super moisturising and hydrating. It initially turns the water a vibrant shade of green which eventually settles in to a pretty pale jade colour. Lush baths always leave my skin feeling soft and thoroughly pampered and Avobath is no exception — it makes such a perfect treat on a cold winter night! Following it up with a green smoothie afterwards is totally optional ;-).


2 thoughts on “Lush Avobath

  1. You are inspiring me to take more baths! 🙂 I’m usually a shower person because I don’t make time for baths unless I’m sick. I’ll have to find a bath bomb and try it out!


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