Red Velvet Christmas Cake

In recent years, I’ve discovered that I don’t dislike traditional Christmas cake as much as I always thought I did. It looks quite dense and heavy but really, the flavours are pretty great. Having said that though, I still don’t like it enough to go to the trouble of making my own version! When I decided to make a festive cake earlier this month, it was always going to be something different from the typical marzipan and royal icing covered fruit cake.

I thought about it for a while and when the idea of doing a Red Velvet Christmas cake came to me, I knew that was exactly the one I had to make! It’s a little bit different, a little bit special and — of course — it’s the perfect colour for Christmas!


In the past, my Red Velvet cakes have really just been sponge cakes with a bit of cocoa and red food colouring thrown in. They looked decent enough and they tasted perfectly delicious but technically, they weren’t the real thing. This time around, I wanted to make an authentic Red Velvet with the buttermilk and baking soda and (yes, even) the vinegar.


Of course I didn’t want anything to go wrong during the baking process so in search of a reliable recipe; I decided to turn to one of my all-time favourite bloggers Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction. A quick browse on her blog and I found out that she had shared a Red Velvet recipe only earlier this year complete with incredible detail and drool-inducing pictures.


Since I don’t have deep-dish cake pans as Sally used, I made this in to a three layered cake. Covered in thick creamy frosting (probably the best frosting I’ve ever made!), this is so incredibly decadent! However — since it’s Christmas and all — I just had to season it up!



I didn’t want it to be over-complicated but it still had to look pretty and effective. As I was going to be using the classic white cream cheese frosting for the cake, I decided to go with traditional festive colours for the decoration. I put together green and brown M&Ms to create a tree and then plenty of red sprinkles for a cute finishing touch!


I’m so happy with how it turned out! It’s not totally polished and pristine but I think it works well! The decorations add some fun colour which really pops against the white frosting. The cake itself is so tasty: soft, light and full of flavour. This makes such a lovely alternative to the traditional Christmas cake; it’s definitely well worth trying over the festive season!



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