Lush Snow Fairy & Candy Mountain

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve become completely smitten with the Lush Christmas collection. There’s the most beautiful range of products to choose from including spicy-scented soap, cranberry infused face masks and sparkly dusting powder.


I’ve picked up a few (ahem) pieces this month and I thought I’d start by sharing these two. Pretty and pink; they make for the ultimate pampering experience when combined!


Made with Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute, the Candy Mountain bubble bar has a gorgeous sweet scent. I only used a third of the bar and I still got tons of bubbles.  It costs around €4 and considering that you could probably get up to three uses out of it; I think it’s pretty good value.


Then there’s the Snow Fairy shower gel which I just couldn’t resist. This has become something of a cult product over the years and it’s made even more special by the fact that it’s only available throughout the festive season. Pink and glittery and candyfloss scented; it’s blatantly girly and gorgeous. It lathers up really well and leaves your skin beautifully scented afterwards. It may cost a little more than I’d normally spend on a shower gel but it makes a lovely treat at Christmastime — the perfect excuse to indulge!



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