Winter Walk

I really can’t believe that it’s only two weeks until Christmas! I haven’t started shopping yet and we only put up our tree literally a couple of hours ago. In fact — up until today — I wasn’t feeling very festive at all. I think starting a new job last month and working different shifts has kept me distracted. Now that I have a couple of days off, however, I want to make the most of them.

I began today by meeting up with some family whom I hadn’t seen in a while. We wanted to go somewhere and so decided to return to Castlecomer Discovery Park after visiting it earlier this year. It was pretty much bitter cold but at the same time, it was really refreshing to be outdoors and wrapped up warm. I was also hanging on to a hot chocolate for dear life so that helped too ;-).


As we walked through the forest, we came across the sweetest little set-up of tiny houses, toadstools and fairy lights. It was so well put together and such a surprise…and just like that, I slipped in to a festive mood! It was just like something clicked and all of a sudden, I wanted to do all the Christmas-y things! I’m so happy that I finally feel this way and I’m so ready to embrace the season!



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