Evil Queen Cocktail

Only one more sleep ’til Halloween! I love this time of year and I’ve been happily getting in to the spirit of things for a while now. Earlier this week, I shared my Wicked Witch cupcakes. These were partly inspired by Once Upon A Time, our current Netflix addiction! The show has also inspired me to make this cocktail based on one of my favourite characters, the evil queen Regina.


I wanted a drink that would reflect her darkness and I also couldn’t resist adding in some apple juice to tie in with the whole theme! The result is a deeply coloured cocktail with hints of purple throughout. The flavour is fantastic too, subtly sweet with a little bite — perfect for any day of the year but especially appropriate for Halloween!


For one cocktail, I shook together (in a clean jam jar!) one part vodka, one part blue Curacao, one part apple juice and two parts cranberry juice over ice. As the queen famously demanded Snow White’s heart, I used a mould tray to make some heart-shaped ice. Although not pictured, I actually added a drop of red food colouring in to some of the ice pieces to give them a bloodier feel!



For a little something extra, I also decided to add a sugar rim before pouring out the drinks. I mixed a drop of blue and red food colouring in with a spoon of sugar and spread it on a plate. Next I used a damp paper towel to moisten the rims of the glasses and then I twisted the top of each glass in the sugar until they were evenly coated. It’s a simple touch but so effective too! Whether you’re staying in or going out this Halloween, an Evil Queen cocktail (or two) at home will definitely get your night off to a great start!



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