On Living Together

It’s been almost two years since I moved in with L. Living together for the first time is always made out to be such a big deal and I suppose it is in a way! After all, it’s a fairly serious commitment to agree to share lives together like this and there’s a lot to consider. You have to be able to agree on rent, bills, chores and who does what. It’s something a lot of couples go through and so I thought I’d share my experience so far of living with my other half.


For me, it didn’t feel like a huge step; it just felt like the next step. We had been together 3 years, we both wanted to live in the same area and to be able to spend more time together so it just made sense. We ended up moving in to a two bedroom apartment and — even though we’re now looking to upgrade — we really love living here.

The apartment was a fairly blank and neutral space to start so we’ve been putting our own stamp on it along the way. Our living area definitely has an Avengers theme as L is a huge fan so it’s decorated with little figurines and huge canvas pictures which I’ve surprisingly grown to like. We both use this living area equally but it’s such a small space that I’ve never bothered trying to add my own touches here — instead I’ve completely taken over the spare room! I use it like a dressing room as I get ready there every morning. It’s got a full-length pink mirror, all my make-up, lots of fluffy cushions and teddy bears…so it’s definitely a bit of a girly zone!  L hates strong scents as it can trigger migraines for him so it’s great that I have somewhere to do my nails, spray perfume and light scented candles without affecting him. Even though we do spend most of our time together when we’re both at home, it’s always good to be able to have a little space as well. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with needing some time to yourself every so often — I’d consider it totally normal and healthy too!

When it comes to housework, it helps that we’re similar in that neither of us are clean freaks but we both like our home to be relatively tidy at the same time. We generally do a big clean-up of the whole apartment together every five-six weeks. I usually tend to do most of the smaller everyday cleaning and tidying just because I think I’m better at it! At the same time, though, if there are any jobs I really don’t want to do (like taking out the bins!), he’ll always volunteer (or at least he’ll oblige if I ask!). I think when living together, it’s so important that everyone does a reasonable share of the housework. We have had a couple of disagreements about it over the past two years but we’ve always been able to come to some sort of compromise.

In the evening, once I’m finished working on my blog and L has his studying and assignments done, we tend to just relax on the couch. We’re total Netflix addicts and we always look for TV shows or films that we both like. We’ll put something on for a couple of hours and also use that time to chat about how our day went and what we’re planning next (we always seem to be planning something!).

Moving in with L is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s fun, comfortable and rewarding. I think us living together works for the same reason that our relationship does: we care about and we’re suited to each other. We have similar interests and goals and we’re both willing to make any effort necessary to live happily together. Over the past two years, we’ve grown even closer and we’ve (mostly!) adjusted to each other’s quirks and habits. Moving in with your other half is definitely a big decision but if you’re both ready for it; I think it could be so worth doing! 🙂


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