Lush Honey Bee

I think my last trip to Lush was one of the rare occasions where I left the shop empty-handed! I was hoping to get something from the Halloween collection but nothing really appealed to me. The Lord of Misrule bath bomb wasn’t in stock on the day that I visited and I didn’t have much interest in the matching shower gel; the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar was a bit on the small and too-glittery side and the purple-black shower jelly bat just seemed awkward to use. So instead, I’ve been making do with the regular items I already had stashed at home.


Honey Bee is one of the permanent Lush products but one I had never tried before. A golden yellow with sandy-coloured patches throughout, it’s pretty and a decent size. It’s made with moisturising, soothing and uplifting ingredients like Rhassoul mud, honey, Aloe Vera and orange oil.


As it gets to work, it turns the water a rich yellow colour which is vibrant and long-lasting. It did take quite a while to dissolve although I did notice a cute honeycomb effect inside! I didn’t detect much of a scent (which was a shame as it is something I look for in a bath bomb) but my skin did feel soft and well moisturised afterwards.

Unfortunately Honey Bee left an awful yellow stain all around my white bathtub — and any bath bomb that does this tends to be an instant deal-breaker for me! It’s just annoying and the last thing you want after a lovely relaxing soak is to have to start scrubbing the tub! For the most part, this was fairly good bath bomb but ultimately, it wouldn’t be one I’d purchase again.



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