Homemade PLL “A” Masks

I only started watching Pretty Little Liars earlier this year but I was immediately hooked. I eagerly caught up with all five seasons in time to start watching the sixth as it aired week-by-week on Netflix (see my thoughts on the mid-season finale here!).

The show is full of so much fear and suspense that it provides the best inspiration for Halloween. All fans of PLL will agree that A is one seriously scary character. You never know when to expect a message or an appearance or what the psychopath is going to do next! Every time you catch a glimpse of A in a mask, it’s always a heart-stopping moment!


I decided to try my hand at recreating A’s signature accessory this weekend. I found these blank white masks for 99 cents a-piece at a local discount shop. They were made from some kind of felt-type material so I also picked up a pack of fabric markers — everything altogether cost me less than €6.


I enlisted my fiancé’s help and he drew out the designs in pencil first and then I coloured them in. I’m not particularly artistic but I think these turned out well! If you’re in the mood to do something creative for Halloween; this is such a fun, easy and affordable idea.


Also let’s not forget: easiest costume ever! Throw on a black hoody and maybe some nice leather gloves with one of these masks and you’re basically A! Even if you’re not planning on dressing up this Halloween, these still make pretty cool decorations — if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, throw in a doll-house for extra creepy PLL effect!



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