The Autumn Tag

I came across this autumn tag here and — as you may well know — I love a good tag post! I tag anyone who wants to join in. As always, feel free to leave a link to your own responses in the comments section below!


What is your favourite thing about fall?

There are so many things I love about this time of year — the changing leaves, the crisp air, wrapping up in cosy layers, planning for Halloween, baking all sorts of sweet and stodgy desserts…It’s everything!

Favourite drink?

Warm spiced apple juice — such a perfect combination of autumnal flavours!

Favourite candle?

At the moment, I’m loving a cashmere and vanilla candle from Dunnes Stores. It’s a lovely warm and sweet scent that I keep on my bedside table.

Best lipstick?

I don’t wear lipstick too often but I’ve been applying lots of Bioderma lip balm lately. It’s so moisturising and hydrating, I haven’t gone a day without it this autumn!

Go-to moisturiser?

I’ve been using Trilogy rosapene night cream for over a year now. It’s rich and creamy, sinks in to the skin and smells amazing!

Go-to colour for the eyes?

I’ve always been a fan of smoky eyes. I just think it’s so classic and suits absolutely everyone. Bourjois eyeshadows are my favourite.

Favourite band or singer?

I’m still listening to Ed Sheeran after seeing him in Croke Park over the summer.

Favourite outfit to wear?

Lately I’ve been living in little boots, thick leggings and big cosy jumpers — so comfy!

Autumn treat?

Any dessert with apple and cinnamon!

Favourite place to be?

That will always be home 🙂


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