Trying American Candy!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I couldn’t get a better time to feature my first ever candy haul. I paid a visit to Planet Candy and placed a little order for some sweets from the States. Given my fondness for all things American and my weakness for sugar; it’s actually pretty surprising that I haven’t done this before now!


I tried to order a good varied mix of things I’d never had before. If there’s anything you think I’m missing, let me know in the comments! I had a few people try these out with me — it was for the best, otherwise I would have gone through everything and been in a sugar coma ’til Christmas!


Hershey Kisses

My first reaction was these look so cute…! I love how they’re wrapped — you have to kind of twirl the paper to open them. Everyone enjoyed these. The chocolate isn’t as good as Dairy Milk but still pretty yummy!



I chose strawberry although I didn’t think these had much flavour. They’re still kind of addictive to chew on though and we finished off the pack easily enough. Somehow I missed these when I was taking a shot of the haul — they stayed hidden until the very end!


Jolly Rancher Chews

I loved these! This was the first thing we finished in the whole haul. They were slightly melted and sticky but the different flavours were amazing. If they stocked these in my local shops, I would buy them all the time!


Tootsie Roll

Although I’d heard about these so many times before, I had no idea what to expect. I thought it would be some kind of roll of gummy sweets but it turned out to be one long stick. Four of us tried a little bit each and none of us were too taken with it. Then we all had a little more and we simultaneously realised it’s actually kind of good! It has a chocolate toffee feel to it and seemed to get better with each bite!


Junior Mints

I love mint chocolate as a flavour and these are basically like delicious little round After Eights. Half the pack was melted on arrival so they were a little messy to eat but we managed for the most part!


3 Musketeers 

I got like one bite of this and then someone else finished it off! From that one bite though, I thought it was a lot like a Milky Way — light and fluffy, not particularly exciting but still good.



Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

These were so so good! Sweet and creamy with hints of a Daim-type flavour throughout. I actually think I prefer them to Reese’s. I didn’t actually order Reese’s peanut butter cups as they’re widely available here in Ireland but I still ended up with a pack so I thought I’d throw them in with the haul too!



I literally only knew this from Family Guy but I’d seen it so many times that I had to try it! In fact, everyone who saw it immediately went oh is that from Family Guy?! This comes in strawberry-flavour powdered form and has to be made up with a cup of sugar or Splenda. That seemed like quite a lot so I guessed it was going to be really sweet…and, of course, it was! I liked it though (surprise, surprise!). We all agreed that it tasted like a melted red frozen drink — a little artificial but still really delicious!


Candy Corn

It’s Halloween! I couldn’t resist! I’d been curious about this stuff for years, ever since I saw that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch with the river of candy corn. Again, I actually thought these were going to be gummy sweets. They seemed quite solid in the pack but they’re actually soft and almost crumbly when you taste them. This was more popular with the girls than the guys. It reminded us of something else but we still can’t figure out what! I got quite a big bag of them so we still have a good bit left but — like everything else in the haul — I really don’t think they’ll last very long ;-).



3 thoughts on “Trying American Candy!

  1. I can’t believe you got Kool-Aid. I haven’t seen anybody else try that! Tropical punch and cherry are my favorite flavors! I actually HATE Tootsie Roll, Butterfinger (like the original) Peanut butter cups, candy corn, and 3 Musketeers. Jolly Rancher and Kisses! Yummy!

    I think you should try maybe smarties, kit kat, and snickers. That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ve got a candy post coming up next week of all my favorite candy so maybe that’ll inspire you to try some too! 🙂


    1. I had to try it as soon as I saw it! 😀 I’d love to try the other flavours too. We’ve always had Smarties, Kit Kat and Snickers in Ireland which I’m so grateful for haha! I’ll be sure to check out your candy post next week!

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