121 Thoughts I had watching Back to the Future II

  1. Wait…
  2. How old is he supposed to be?
  3. Is he not a teenager, he looks about thirty-five?
  4. I haven’t seen the original in about ten years, probably should have watched it again before putting this on.
  5. Omg 80s hair.
  6. What the actual…?
  7. This is a dream, right?
  8. Ahh there it is.
  9. That’s today!
  10. The future ha!
  11. So…this isn’t a dream?
  12. Wow, they really just jumped in to it.
  13. He looks like the basketball player guy that Liz Hurley turned Brendan Frazer in to in Bedazzled.
  14. That’s some proper product placement right there.
  15. I’d visit an 80s café tbh.
  16. So…they’re actually just dumping the girlfriend there…
  17. The plastic tie omg.
  18. The future, huh?
  19. More product placement!
  20. That’s actually a pretty cool effect.
  21. Is that David Hasselhoff?
  22. What has that guy got on his head?
  23. Ugh his voice…
  24. Ouch…
  25. Hoverboards, seriously?!
  26. Ouchies…
  27. Ok, how have they actually not invented self-drying clothes yet?
  28. No, Marty, no…
  29. I feel like that guy will cause trouble.
  30. Einstein!
  31. So…mission accomplished already?
  32. Yeah Marty, stop using the time machine for financial gain.
  33. What did they expect, they dumped her in an alley?!
  34. Oh, Doc…
  35. Didn’t get any of that actually.
  36. A skyway would be so cool.
  37. Knew he’d be trouble.
  38. Ah I’d love that, no keys!
  39. Hiding under the stairs is always a good idea.
  40. Omg why is she moving like that?
  41. I see their contactless payments go beyond €15, jealous.
  42. Ahh look at that pizza.
  43. Bit harsh.
  44. Imagine seeing your future self like that though.
  45. What has he done?
  46. Einstein is too cute!
  47. Are they actually back…
  48. Yeah sure, just dump her somewhere else.
  49. Ok, bars on windows can’t be a good thing.
  50. I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.
  51. Yup.
  52. Oh…yeah that’s not good.
  53. Gah!
  54. They really destroyed the place.
  55. Wait, how does changing the future change the past?
  56. Omg billionaire overnight, that’s my dream.
  57. Ooh this is actually getting intense.
  58. What a lovely guy.
  59. Seriously though, how could she actually marry him?
  60. I still don’t get how they wrecked the past.
  61. Oh…
  62. Oh yeah, forgot about the old guy listening in.
  63. I should pay more attention.
  64. So…back to the past again?
  65. Ew. Just…ew.
  66. That’s a party that really never should have started.
  67. Oh my God.
  68. Run, Marty, RUN!
  69. That was actually clever.
  70. Oh, no…
  71. Oh no he didn’t.
  72. What.
  73. Hoverboard…?
  74. Oh well done, Doc.
  75. Bit risky though.
  76. I’d actually love to visit the 1950s.
  77. I can’t really keep up.
  78. I need a suitcase of money like that.
  79. Ah, the size of the little ones!
  80. He really is an absolute brat.
  81. Ew! That’s actual harassment.
  82. Spit in his face, do it.
  83. How can they not sense him in the back?! He’s right there!
  84. Love that hat though.
  85. For God’s sake Doc, listen.
  86. The tassels lol
  87. How can Biff not hear him?!
  88. Maybe listen to your own advice, Doc?
  89. 1950s fashion is so good.
  90. Ah so close.
  91. Best response.
  92. Great job holding on to the book!
  93. Ah here…!
  94. Oh…
  95. Nope, too easy.
  96. Yup, knew it.
  97. “What’s CPR?!”
  98. 1950s prom queen would be such a cute Halloween costume.
  99. What is Doc actually at while Marty’s doing all this?
  100. Is that guy wearing 3D glasses…?
  101. Yeah that seems safe. Definitely crawl across those rickety old metal bars.
  102. Oh, no!
  103. Oh, no…
  104. After all that.
  105. Yay, the hoverboard is back!
  106. He really does take some serious risks.
  107. Go
  108. Go
  109. Yay!
  110. Omg ew.
  111. Deserved it though.
  112. Yay, change!
  113. Okay this seems horribly dangerous.
  114. Oh…
  115. That’s not good.
  116. Oh no is right.
  117. He can’t be gone…
  118. Who that?
  119. It never ends!
  120. Wait, what…
  121. Ah Summer 1990…

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