Flashback Friday

I was doing a bit of a (long overdue) clear-out recently when I came across a box filled with a mix of completely random items. Amongst the various bits and pieces were a couple of old phones. After a quick search on Google, I was reminded that the pink Nokia is a 7310 Supernova and the white one is a Samsung Diva S7070. Not that I’m that old (right?!) but I do still remember a time before phones and looking at these made me feel slightly nostalgic…


I got my first phone when I was twelve. They were only becoming popular then and mine was a Confirmation present. It was a Motorola brick that actually had an aerial — a tiny stub of an aerial but still kind of embarrassing! Later on, I got the much cooler classic Nokia 3210 and then I’m pretty sure it was a purple Motorola Razr.

I don’t even remember getting this little pink Nokia but I loved it! You could change the cover on it but I was happy with it as it was. Its mirrored screen was also especially useful for sneaking a peek at your appearance — remember, this was way before front-facing cameras!

I’m not sure when I first got this phone but I definitely still had it in early 2010. I know that because I remember getting my first ever text message on it from the guy who’s now my fiancé! In fact, the messages stored to the phone on this device so if I could find a way to charge it, I’d probably still have those texts that we sent each other in the first few weeks of our relationship (although they’re probably really embarrassing so maybe I’m better off not seeing them ha!).


About a month after myself and himself started dating, this little Nokia just froze out of nowhere. I remember being so annoyed — of course my main concern at the time was how am I supposed to text him back?! Within an hour of the Nokia freezing, I had decided it was time for an upgrade! I actually still remember it was a Friday evening and I rushed in to Carphone Warehouse before they closed to get what’s probably still my biggest impulse purchase to date. Even though the Nokia ended up working again a few days later, I had no regrets! Randomly enough, I also remember that the Samsung Diva came with a free boxset of Season 6 of Sex and the City…so it definitely worked out to be a great buy!

With its quilted back and diamond key on the front, this was just so pretty! It was also the first touchscreen phone I had and I’m pretty sure it took me a while to get used to it! Nowadays, I can’t imagine owning a phone without a touchscreen…or two cameras or apps or all the other features we’ve become so accustomed to having!


It’s funny to think that back then, I thought these phones were so cool and modern and now just five years later, they practically look like toys! Compared to what we have now, they’re just so small and cutesy! It will be interesting to see how our phones have changed again in another five years — if I’m still blogging then, I’ll be sure to post on it ;-).



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