Glamour x Nails Inc

As I mentioned last week, the November issue of Glamour magazine comes with a complimentary  Nails Inc. nail polish for its readers. Nails Inc regularly team up with Glamour which obviously makes me very happy because I just love to add to that nail polish collection of mine!

There’s a particularly beautiful selection available and it actually took me the longest time to choose which colour I wanted! It was between the creamy nude Colville Mews; the proper Barbie pink Notting Hill Gate; the deep and dark Grosvenor Crescent and Victoria & Albert, a glossy red that immediately reminded me of the apple in Snow White. I eventually opted for Grosvenor Crescent — I figured it was the most appropriate since Halloween is only two weeks away!


When I first started to apply this to my nails, it initially appeared as a deep purple. It then quickly developed in to a shiny black. It’s a lovely rich colour but I’d prefer if it was more matte.

The brush is decent but the formula is a little runnier than I’d like. I find it difficult enough to get an even finish and there’s often lots of little corrections to be made afterwards. Although I do like the colour, I have to say I wasn’t too impressed with this one overall — I much prefer the Orly nail polish free with this month’s Elle magazine. If I had to choose between the two, Elle would win this time!


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