Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Skincare

When it comes to skincare, I’m not particularly loyal to any brand and I love to try different things. Browsing in Boots last month, I came across a range that I hadn’t even seen before which instantly intrigued me. The Boots own-brand Tea Tree and Witch Hazel skincare range contains activated charcoal and is designed to keep skin clear and healthy.


The packaging isn’t anything overly special but I suppose it’s what’s inside that counts! Antibacterial tea tree oil and soothing witch hazel have long been used in skincare products, renowned for their natural goodness. The charcoal apparently acts “like a magnet, drawing out deep-down impurities and excess oil without over-drying”. It’s this ingredient that gives both products this interesting deep grey colour that’s so different from the usual pretty and delicate shades of skincare! I chose to try two products, a scrub and a face mask.

The scrub has a thick formula with micro beads. A little goes a long way so it would definitely last you. It leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed although I wouldn’t use it more than once or twice a week as I’d be worried that it would just be too harsh.


The face mask has a thick, creamy formula. After applying an even layer, you just leave it for fifteen minutes to work its magic! Once I rinse it off, I’m left with a fresh and glowing complexion. I think I’d probably get 3-4 applications out of this tube.

Between the two, I’d prefer the face mask as it gives you instant results whereas — while it is good — the scrub works pretty much the same as any other I’ve tried. Also, it can be hard enough to find a decent face mask which makes me even more partial to this one!


Overall, I’m impressed and happy enough with both of these products. They work well and they’re pretty affordable too. The face scrub retails at €6.19 and the face mask comes in at €4.79. They’re also currently on offer at 2 for €9 so now is the right time to try them out!


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