The Next Move

It’s been almost two years since we moved in to our apartment and we love it as much now as we did then. Our first place together, it was always going to be special. We quickly settled in and added our own personal touches here and there as the months went by.

However, like most standard apartments, there’s not a whole lot of extra room. As happy as we are here, we’re just outgrowing the place so…we’re now looking for a house!


Of course, we’ll still be renting because we’re not exactly ready to get on the property ladder just yet.  We don’t really expect to move until after Christmas as we’ve been looking for a couple of months now and there’s next to nothing out there at the moment. It’s obviously not something we want to rush in to either so we’re happy to wait until the right place comes up.

I think (hope!) that this will be a really good move. I’m actually so excited about it! It’ll be the start of a brand new chapter in our lives. A house will give us all the things we need: a proper space for L to study and do his assignments, room to comfortably entertain family and friends when they visit, extra storage space….

Also (very excitingly!) as soon as we settle in to the right place, we’ll be getting a dog! We’ve been wanting one for the longest time but there just isn’t the room right here/we’re not technically allowed pets in this building anyway. So, all going well, there will be lots of change in our lives in 2016 — and I couldn’t be happier about that! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Next Move

  1. Good luck. As with all big things be careful. I’ve heard that finally getting a house is one of the most satisfying and sought after feelings. Best of wishes.


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