Mades Haircare Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Mades haircare line, recently launched here in Ireland by the team at National Beauty. This was something I was immediately interested in as I love trying out interesting new products!


Like a lot of women, I put serious time and effort in to looking after my hair. It’s such an important and obvious feature that a certain amount of attention is always required. My hair is currently mid-length and naturally thick. It’s prone to frizziness and — I have to confess — slightly heat damaged after years of using straighteners. As a result, I’m constantly on the look-out for any products that will help me keep my locks in the best possible condition!


The first product that I chose to try from the Mades line was the Restore Strength Hair Mask from the Repair Expert collection. Vibrant orange with silver detail, the packaging is fun and modern. One thing I don’t like about the design, however, is that the long list of ingredients is printed in a small light font which makes it next to impossible to read. This could be a problem for anyone who needs/wants to avoid certain ingredients so they might have to do their research online before making a purchase.

Designed to repair fragile or damaged hair, this rich cream contains a keratin complex and nourishing natural oils including almond, avocado and coconut. It smells incredible and I love its thick consistency — when it comes to haircare, runny products are a huge no-no for me. This has such a lovely and luxurious feel to it. Guidelines recommend using this once a week when you can apply it to wet clean hair and leave it to sink in for five minutes before rinsing well. I’ve used this twice now and both times my hair has been left feeling silky soft and replenished. I’ve been using more and more different hair masks recently and I have to say this has been one of the better ones. I’m impressed with its fuss-free application, beautiful scent and immediate results!


The second product that I chose to try was the Straight Support Flat Iron Spray from the Absolutely Anti-Frizz range. I love the look of this, a tall sleek bottle with touches of pink (the font is clean and easy to read too!). This product is pretty much exactly what I should be using every time I take those straighteners to my hair. It’s a light spray for all hair types designed to be used before the application of hot styling tools.

Containing pro-vitamin B as well as corn and cucumber extracts, this has a beautifully delicate and refreshing scent. It’s best used on towel-dried hair, evenly distributed from root to tip. It’s important not to spray on too much as I definitely did the first time which left me with an unattractive oily finish. Instead use carefully, spraying in sections and combing it through your hair. I’ve used this five or six times now. It helps to detangle hair when you’re blow-drying it and provides protection throughout the styling process. I’ve also noticed a difference in the condition of my hair afterwards as the spray gives it some extra shine and leaves it subtly scented too.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out both of these products. They’re ideal for anyone interested in haircare and looking for something new and different. I’ve been informed that the Mades haircare line is currently stocked in McCabe’s, Meagher’s and Health Express pharmacies; they’re also available online and generally retail for around €8.99 a piece.

Please note:
As stated above, these products were sent to me for consideration.As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.


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