Before 2016

With only three months left in 2015, I’ve started thinking about some of the things I’d like to achieve before the year is out…


Improve my fitness

I’ve recently had a pedometer put on my phone and it’s forced me to realise that I’m not taking nearly enough steps on a day-to-day basis. While the recommended amount is 10,000; I would generally hit somewhere in the 5k range. I’ve always kind of known that I’m not active enough but seeing the figure on the screen is spurring me to do something about that. I want to start pounding the pavement and hitting my target on a regular basis!

Get a new job

I finished up in my last workplace a couple of weeks ago when my temporary contract came to an end. Since then, I’ve been filling in all sorts of application forms and sending my CV everywhere so I’m hoping that I’ll be back in employment in no time. Even if it’s just more temp work for Christmas, I’ll take it!

Sit my driving test

Turnabouts and roundabouts, changing gears and checking mirrors, parking and pulling off…I’ve been clocking in some serious miles on the road all in an attempt to improve my driving. I think I’m finally getting there and I’m planning on applying for my test very soon. If I can get my full licence and a car, it will actually be life changing — so keep your fingers crossed for me please!


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